How to prevent dog from jumping up on guests

Published by , 20th November 2016 in Dog Training

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It is common to see a dog jumping on the bed. You have to accept the fact that dogs love to jump on things or on people. This is how they show their excitement. And ultimately, it purges excess energy that they have. Dogs love to jump, and after they start doing so, it is really hard to prevent them from jumping up in your family and friends.

But, this may be dangerous, particularly if you have a big dog or if there are old individuals or young children visiting you. I’m sure all dog owners want to avoid their dog knocking over grannie and breaking her hip or taking down a neighbor’s kid on accident.

Luckily, in terms of unwanted behaviors from our furry friends, jumping up on individuals is one of the simplest to resolve (compared with excessive barking or keeping a dog calm at the vet). Here are some tips to assist you.

Why Dogs Jump

As I briefly explained before, in dog’s world, jumping is how they show excitement once somebody returns. Puppies can jump up on their mothers after she comes back from work. As a result, dogs associate that the front door opening is something that excites them.

In some other cases, dogs will jump up to exert dominance over another dog or another person. If you’ve ever seen a dog jump onto the rear of another dog’s neck, this is often what he’s doing – showing that dog that he’s superior. Of course, not all dogs jump on individuals to point out them who’s the boss. Some dogs simply want to be nearer to them and to greet them.

Dogs can smell other dog’s faces to greet them, therefore, they may try to do the same to reach our faces. Finally, they continue jumping up on people because someone in the house rewarded her for it in the past. If your dog jumps up and you pet her, you’re telling her that the jumping is okay. Therefore, it will be more difficult to prevent this from happening when somebody else opens the front door.

Stopping the Dog Jumping

Dog Jumping may be stopped, however, many people don’t utilize the right techniques. Instead, they give their dogs more attention, reinforcing the jumping behavior. Think about it this way: If your dog were able to speak, he’d be saying, “Look at me! Play with me!” If you provide him attention, you’re doing exactly what he wants, and reinforcing the unhealthy behavior.

Hence, grabbing his paws or pushing him away won’t solve anything. He’ll continue jumping. If you yell, show anger or punish your dog, you will confuse him and he will not know what to do when someone else opens the front door.

How to reduce the jumping behavior? I will describe 3 ways to reduce dog jumping and keep in mind that you will have to reduce your own excitement when you return home (I know it is hard). If your dog acts excited when you open the door she will act the same way whenever somebody comes within the house. Therefore, doing this with children or grandma.

1) Wait 10 minutes once you come back home before playing with your furry friend (you can touch him but don’t pet).

We need to disassociate the joy behavior and the front door opening. Like several attention-seeking behaviors, jumping may be restrained by merely ignoring the dog (again, it is hard but he will understand soon and stop jumping). Don’t do much eye contact, talk to him or pet your dog for a couple of minutes after you enter the door. And if there are other family members, they have to do the same thing in order to avoid that exciting, jumping behavior.

Of course, you will not have to ignore your dog forever, simply till he relaxes and stops jumping. For many dogs, that early attention will even breed separation anxiety. He may continue jumping and get tired, or if he’s well-trained, you can tell your dog to sit and wait. Once he is calm, you can reward him.

2) You should get down to greet your dog.

If you notice that your dog is just trying to reach your face to greet you, get all the way down to her face and let her sniff you. By removing the necessity for jumping, you’ll teach her that she can greet you without jumping.

3) Teach your dog the “Off” Command.

To teach this command, say “Off!” as soon as your dog gets on you after you open the door (you can also use your finger to point down). It will take some time and it may be frustrating for you at first, however, this will be faster if you reward her immediately after she obeys you. You can give her a treat or praise her and I’m sure she will learn.

It is extremely important that you and your family are consistent with this command. Tell everybody that they have to  follow this new command and that there is no exception. By doing so, your dog will learn what “off” means much faster.

Conclusion on Dog Jumping excessively

The last thing you wish is your dog jumping on visitors and hurting them. Especially if you have a big dog and you are receiving children or elderly who could get an injury if they fall. To avoid this, try the 3 techniques above and try as fast as you can. Remember, consistency is key.

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Have fun training your dog.