9 Essential steps to teach your dog to come, sit and stay

Published by , 27th August 2016 in Dog Training

9 Essential steps to train a puppy to come, sit and staydog-come 9 Essential steps to teach your dog to come, sit and stay Dog Training


How to Train a Puppy to Come? A brief story first.

I remember the first day that my puppy came to me after my command. It was an amazing feeling!

But it was not easy because I didn’t know exactly what I was doing… I was simply trying different things and I was lucky.

After that, I tried again and it didn’t work. Then, I learned the importance of being consistent and rewarding good behavior. It worked!

I had 5 other puppies after my first one and I can tell you that I finally understood the best way to train a puppy to come, sit and stay.

Important: I believe you have to teach these basic commands to your dog before you try to teach other commands as “go pee” or other tricks.

5 basic steps to train your puppy or dog

1)   Train your puppy in a calm place 

You should always start a training in a quiet place and away from any distractions. I suggest you start indoors every time you want to teach a new command to your dog.

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2)    You need your dog’s attention

Therefore, you may have to call his name until he gives you attention (sometimes, waving a treat will help).

Once your dog is responding to your voice and to your eye contact, then you can begin your training.

3)    Give your Puppy a reward if he obeys you

This is important to encourage him to repeat the behavior. At first, you can start with small treats (just for the first couple repetitions of the new command or trick).

Then, you can change to a belly rub or physical rewards. I always remember television shows here, because those dogs can do amazing tricks. And their trainer always gives them small treats and physical rewards.

Important: Praising your dog is extremely important for training! He will want to repeat the trick as soon as he understands how happy you are

4)    Always choose a hand signal for the command

Then, you give the verbal command and the hand signal at the same time

5)    Repeat, repeat, repeat

This is key to a successful dog training (on my article “how to housetrain a puppy” I mentioned “Be Consistent”. Soon, your dog will be following the sequence super quickly.

Now, let’s check the others details.

Train a Dog to Stay or Sit first

6)    Point to your puppy and say “Stay” or “Sit”

By now, you already figured how to train your puppy to stay or sit. You simply follow steps 1 through 4.

Train a Puppy to Come – a little bit more complex

7)    Hold the Puppy first

I suggest that someone hold your puppy at first (it can be using a leash – supposing your dog is not trained for ‘Stay’. If it is, that’s perfect).

Now you have to go to the other side of the room.

8)    Hand Signal and a Phrase

With the hand signal and the verbal command, you can say “come here” or “come”.

Tip: You can also try opening your arms widely to invite your dog to come.

9)    Reward your Puppy

Definitely, reward your dog just like described in step #3. And I suggest repeating all steps right after you succeeded the first time.

Distance Commands to your Puppy

Of course, you want to try this!

My recommendation is practically the same and incorporates just one new thing:

Gradually increase the distance. Please don’t try to go to the other side of the backyard for this. One step at a time, and it will be awesome!

Conclusion on Teaching a Puppy to Come, sit or Stay

It is very important to understand that your dog needs to follow these basic commands before you train him to ‘play dead’ or ‘roll over’ or ‘go pee’.

Be consistent and continue following these steps and I’m 100% sure you will have a great time with your dog!

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Have fun training your dog!