6 proven ways to housetrain a puppy (No. 4 will surprise you)

Published by , 27th August 2016 in Dog Training

How-to-housetrain-your-puppy-1024x768 6 proven ways to housetrain a puppy (No. 4 will surprise you) Dog Training 6 proven ways to housetrain a puppy (No. 4 will surprise you)

I have always loved dogs. I got my first dog when I was a child, on my 7th birthday. I’ll never forget that day! My birthday gift that year was a puppy. She was so small that my father could carry her in one hand. I carefully got her from his hands and named her Judy. It was an amazing feeling!

However, after that, some basic problems started to happen: Judy didn’t obey me for anything. I needed help from someone with more experience than me. I did a lot of research by talking to people (there was no internet back then) and I finally learned how to housetrain a puppy after a couple of weeks!

In the last 20 years, I have had five other puppies and housetrained all of them with excellent results. Here is what I learned as the best techniques to housetrain a puppy:

6 Quick Steps to Housetrain a Puppy

1)    You have to be consistent with your training methodology.

Chose some methods and keep applying until you get the results you want. Some methods are faster than others.

So, I will tell you the best tricks that I learned so you don’t spend a lot of time trying different methods.

2)    Temper your initial expectations, especially with puppies.

In my experience, a puppy can only control its bladder for around 2 or 2.5 hours at most. Of course, an adult dog will have much more control.

3)    Try to establish a routine with your puppy.

Always feed him/her at the same time. With a set schedule, you will know exactly when your puppy needs go for a walk.

A good sign that a puppy needs to go is when it starts walking in circles or starts sniffing.

4)   Keep this in mind when you housetrain a puppy

When you go outside with your puppy (and I suggest that you do this frequently for younger dogs – remember topic #2) keep in mind this:

If he/she doesn’t want to go soon, I really recommend that you come back to your home/apartment.

Always lead the puppy on the same route to create a routine. This will teach the puppy that you are expecting him/her to go and they don’t have forever to decide on a place.

5)    Have a simple command to your puppy, such as “go pee”.

Trust me, this really works. Therefore, every time you lead your puppy to the designated place, you say “go pee”.

Your puppy will associate the command and the action. After a couple of months, you will not even have to lead him/her.

6)    If you are happy with their results, definitely reward your puppy!

This will be a very happy moment for both of you. Therefore, your puppy will learn that there is a reward after doing the right thing.


In summary, this training will be a memorable time for you, I guarantee it!

As I said in topic #1, consistency is key here. Keep repeating these steps and please, please, please don’t punish your puppy if something wrong happens. Negative reinforcement typically does not produce positive results.

Have fun training your puppy!