Dog Chewing: 3 Funny Ways to Solve this problem

Published by , 28th August 2016 in Dog Training

3 funny ways to answer: How can I keep my dog from chewing?Puppy-chewing-1024x668 Dog Chewing: 3 Funny Ways to Solve this problem Dog Training


Chewing problems? As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have had 6 puppies already and ALL of them chewed anything you can imagine, like the sofa, furniture, pillows, shoes, etc.

And why? Do I have bad luck with dogs?


I learned that it is very natural for a dog to chew things and this is a natural behavior for them. All puppies learn about new things by putting into their mouths.

Also, just like a baby, it can be painful during periods of teething and chew something can provide relief.

Therefore, hide everything you don’t want chewed on and protect cabinets that contain cleaning products.

3 best things to keep your puppy or dog from chewing

1) Play with your puppy (or your dog) more often

Just go out and do plenty of exercise with him / her. You know that every dog needs to go out to relieve excess energy.

But one very important thing that many dog owners don’t know is that if your puppy doesn’t exercise enough during the day, it is more likely that the puppy will chew things.

– If you don’t have time to go home during lunch to play with your dog, I suggest that you hire a dog walker to help you. It will be money well spent.

– Also, while you are away you can try to confine your puppy in a particular place of your house. But remember, there will be less chewing but more energy.

2)    Give your dog tons of “delicious” chewing toys

Get some of these toys and see which ones your dog prefer.

Important tips to succeed:

– When you see your puppy chewing something that he shouldn’t, immediately replace that object by his favorite chewing toy. Keep a couple of his/her favorite toys around the house so you always have one close to you.

– This will teach the dog what is right and wrong. And as I said before, please don’t punish your dog (that doesn’t work).

3)    Reward your dog as soon as he / she learns something new

There will be times that your dog will prefer your favorite shoe, but be consistent and keep trying this. I’m sure you can housetrain your puppy and you will reward your dog after trying this a couple of times.

Conclusions on “Dog Chewing”

You just learned that a dog chewing shoes is something really natural for puppies and dogs and you should not try to stop that behavior.

Instead, you should try to replace what he is chewing by his favorite toy and reward him by doing the right thing!

Please let me know your thoughts on this and have fun training your dog!