Dog Body Language: What is your Dog telling you?

Published by , 1st November 2016 in Dog Behavior

dog-body-language-super-dog-lovers-791x1024 Dog Body Language: What is your Dog telling you? Dog Behavior

Dog Body Language: What is your Dog telling you?

You can easily tell when your dog is happy and excited. And I’m sure you can tell when your dog is angry. But can you tell the most important dog body language?

It is very important to try to understand what your dog is telling you with body language. It will help you understanding some behaviors that he shows around different people. Also, in some specific situation and you can pro-actively do something before your dog does!

I want to emphasize this: One of the most important things you can do to train your dog is to understand dog body language. You will understand what he is telling you, such as: signs of aggression, signs of fear or dog separation anxiety.

Question: What is your dog telling you?

I started with this image from DFDK9 because it really explains the most frequent behaviors of a dog or a puppy.

Take a look at each image and pay attention to how your dog reacts after each circumstance. I suggest that you save that image and read carefully now and when necessary.

You will be amazed because it offers a lot of insights in to your dog’s emotional state.

The most important parts to understand dog body language

  • Head
  • Ears
  • Tail
  • Back

The second image I’m showing below is this “cheat sheet” in case you want to quickly understand what is happening to your dog.

As I mentioned before, you have to be fast, and remember to pay attention to energy and intentions.

If all of them (head, ears, tail and back) are very high, then, it shows dominance or alert. If all of them are very low, then it shows submissive or some uncertainty.

For this reason, it is really important to understand what is happening at the time. You also want to understand the intention of the dog.

body-language-300x300 Dog Body Language: What is your Dog telling you? Dog Behavior You can print both images if you believe they can help you understanding your dog body language.

Dogs and Puppies are expressing themselves all the time! For many dog owners housetraining their dogs, the most difficult part is paying attention to that. You have to pay attention! You will learn so much about your loved dog.

Our fury friends are paying attention to our gestures all the time. That is why they understand better our commands when we use hand gestures.

You can try to hide your emotions from your dog, but I’m sure he can tell when you are upset or angry, because your dog can read you very well.

He may understand sounds and phrases you say, but body language is the way that you have to communicate with him.

Watch this video from The Online Dog Trainer to understand some Basic Dog Body Language.

Conclusion on Dog Body Language

Understanding your dog’s behavior is key to a great friendship. Also, it will help you to solve any issues quickly or to continue doing something that your dog likes.

Just for your information, vocalization is also important, however body language is more important than vocalization.

Finally, I just want to talk about a very important problem that many dogs have: Separation Anxiety (read our full post here).

If you notice that your dog is feeling down and going after you every time that he notices that you are about to leave your house, then, you have to pay more attention to that and solve the issue quickly.

You really don’t want to see this getting worse, because it can be mentally painful for you and for your dog. Please spend some time on my Separation Anxiety post and read all chapters of the Ebook (you can download it bellow).

Have fun interpreting your dog body language!