Crate Training: 3 Secrets to Crate Training a Puppy at Night

Published by , 11th September 2016 in Dog Training

3 Secrets to Crate Training a Puppy at NightCrate-Training-Puppy-at-Night Crate Training: 3 Secrets to Crate Training a Puppy at Night Dog Training

Crate training a puppy is fundamental for you and your puppy. This is important because you want to have an obedient dog that sleeps the whole night in one place. Also, I’m sure you don’t want a puppy whining the whole night and you want to know that he is safe while you are sleeping. So the question is: How do you crate train a puppy?

What is crate training?

Crate training is one of the most effective options to house train a puppy as soon as it arrives at your home. It means that your puppy will have his own safe place at home. It has to be a place that he loves to go and not a place that he goes when he is punished (he will never love this place). Keep in mind that the crate can’t be too small or too large.

Crate Training Schedule

1)    You have to start on the very first night. Consistency is very important here.

2)    Place the crate in your bedroom during the first week. Therefore, your puppy will be able to hear what is going on around him.

3)    Put a blanket in the crate. If you had the chance of meeting his litter mates when you got your puppy, then rub this blanket on his brothers and sisters. The scent will make your puppy more comfortable.

4)    Feed your puppy at least two hours before bedtime. I also suggest not giving him water an hour before sleeping.

  1. Feed your puppy in the crate. Remember, this is a safe place for him and you want him to love the crate.

5)    Play with your puppy before bedtime. It is much easier for him to sleep the whole night if he is happy and tired.

Dog whining in crate – what to do now?

 Yes, your dog may whine in crate for the first night. You have to be consistent and continue the training every night. But what to do if your puppy is already whining in the crate?

1)    You can put a shirt or some clothing with your scent next to crate. This will make your puppy more comfortable.

2)    You can put the crate next to your bed. That way it is easier for you to extend your arm close to the crate.

3 secrets to crate training a puppy

Besides the 5 steps described in the crate training schedule, there are 3 things that most people don’t do and you should do it.

1)    Bring your puppy to the crate if he takes a nap during the day. This will teach him that the crate is the best place to sleep.

2)    Praise and Reward your dog if he stays quiet in the crate. But don’t do this when he is in there. You can play and reward him after he leaves.

3)    In order for him to like the crate even more, you can hide treats inside the crate. It will be a game for him and you can do this after playing with him before bedtime.

 Conclusion: Benefits of Crate Training

There are several benefits to crate training your puppy. I believe the most important one is discipline starting on the first night. Also, you will know that he is safe during the night and he will be happy in his comfortable place.

I hope this helps you and have fun training your dog!

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