Can Dogs Cry Tears? A Unique angle to this question

Published by , 30th January 2017 in Dog Behavior

Can Dogs Cry Tears? A Unique angle to this question dog-crying-www.superdoglovers.com_ Can Dogs Cry Tears? A Unique angle to this question Dog Behavior


A lot of people ask themselves this question: Can dogs cry tears? As you can see on the picture above, it looks like she is sad and crying.

This will be a very informative blog post based on my research and experience on this topic. I will also include explanations from friends of mine who are veterinarians.

Let’s analyze all different questions:

1)   Do dogs cry? Can dogs cry tears?

a) Answer: It depends.

Your dog could cry tears because of allergies affecting its eyes or dust in the environment. But these are not the kind of tears we want to discuss.

My goal is to talk about emotional tears in dogs. Are they possible? If you know a dog with Separation Anxiety, you know what I’m talking about.

After researching a lot and discussing with professionals, they explained to me that dogs cannot cry based on emotions. They told me that this is something that only humans can do.

b) HOWEVER, If you are the kind of person who doesn’t think that tears are fundamental to crying (just like me), then dogs cry.

Several studies have shown that dogs vocalize based on emotions. While this cry does not include tears, for sure that has an emotional element. I experienced this several times with all my dogs and I’m sure you experienced this too.

2)   But I just saw my dog crying!

It is important to understand that all animals have some kind of fluid in their eyes. It is even more important to understand that if your dog is shedding a lot of tears, it could be a bigger problem (especially if the tears are not clear, for example, yellow or bloody).

Please check with your vet if this is serious. Do your best to clean the dried tears and pay attention if they appear again.

3)   Okay, so why do dogs whine?

It is really bad when you are leaving your home or when you are about to sleep and suddenly, you hear your puppy crying at night. What is the reason? Is there something bothering my dog?

It could be several things: for the most part, it is “attention seeking”, such as, anxiety, frustration, hunger or simply wanting something.

You have to pay attention to the frequency of the whining and interpret what it means. There is a pattern happening and you have to find out that to solve the issue. Trust me, whining is not your dog’s favorite way of communication to you.

4)   Stop whining

Is there any kind of command that can be given to stop puppy whining?

Answer: Yes.

a) This will be difficult but you have to try to ignore your whining puppy. Don’t make any eye contact or talk to him when he is whining. (I know this can break your heart at first, but read the next one).

b) Go to another room and continue ignoring. Then, once your puppy notices that you are not giving him attention, he will stop and calm down. As soon as you notice that, reward your puppy with some treat and some love! Your dog will notice that this is good and be ignored is bad.

c) Don’t  try to punish your dog or yell at him because he is whining. This will not work and it will confuse him even more. I have several articles about the importance of positive reinforcement that can help you.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Cry Tears?

In conclusion, it is really important to understand the difference between emotions and tears.

As I mentioned in the beginning, dogs can definitely show their emotions to us, and we don’t need to see tears to understand that our loved friends are crying.

I just want to make sure that you understand that you should visit your vet if you notice frequent tears.

Also, be consistent with step #4, because this will solve the issue in 99% of the time (if the whining really persists and it is not a pattern, then you should go to your vet).

I hope this helps!

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