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PET strapping, poly(ethylene terephathalate)(PET) as main material, has become the most extensive packaging products in the world. Since 2002, China's demand for PET strapping has been growing 500% per year. Nowadays PET strapping has been widely used in varieties of industrial products packaging, such as paper, steel, chemical fiber, cotton, glass, building materials, metals, tobacco, electronic products, ceramics, etc. PET strapping is replacing traditional packaging products like steel belts, steel wires and PP strapping.

High Performance PET Strapping Characteristics
(1)High tensile strength:Besides high tensile strength as that of steel belts, high performance PET strapping has high toughness, which ensures transportation safety.
Low elongation:High performance PET strapping only has 1/6 elongation rate compared to PP strapping, and maintains tension force for a longer time.
(3)Good weather resistance:High performance PET strapping can be used under -40~50℃.
(4)Aesthetic:No rust, bright and clean.
(5)Economical:The length of 1ton PET strapping equals to that of 6ton steel belts, while the price per meter is 40% lower.
(6) High security:No harm to humans even when pack bursting.


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